Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Paper Pliers

Last weekend my son, Keegan, came home from his dorm at Iowa State University to work on a design project.  Keegan is going through his freshman year at ISU in Design.  I've heard stories about the first year in design; the amount of work involved, and now Keegan is learning first hand.  

His third project for this semester is to model a working tool using paper.  Evidently there are lots of rules (can do and can't do) involved.  Keegan was given a pair of pliers to model.  He was allowed to use a specific type of paper which he could weave and sew.  There a lot to this project including a design paper, measured plans... 

Here is a picture of the results... might not look like much, but I can attest to about four days of work on his part... I was most inpressed with his ability to sit down and from scratch layout precisely measured templates to create a working model.

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